60 RU Double Bay Outdoor Enclosure with 4 Doors, 2 Heat Exchangers

Boxer® 30 Twin Series,
Heat Exchanger (2) Cooling


The Boxer® 30 Twin outdoor enclosure ‘4D2H’ model provides 60 RU to support 19″ or 23″ adjustable rails with battery box.

  • 4 full front and rear access doors
  • Temperature controlled, cooled with 2 heat exchangers
  • NEMA 4 rated and designed to meet GR-487


    Rack Units: 60 RU
    Rack Unit Length: 19″ or 23″
    Rack Unit Orientation: Horizontal
    Power: -48VDC
    Access: Front and rear
    Dimensions: H x W x D
    (with mounting ears and lift brackets)

    77.50 x 63.20 x 55.95 (in) /
    196.85 x 160.53 x 142.11 (cm)


    849.00 (lbs) / 385.10 (kg)

    Cabinet Material: Lightweight, welded aluminum, powder coated
    Powder Coating: Yes

    Thermal Options:

    Thermal: Heat exchanger, 2X 210W/°C
    Temperature Controlled: Yes


    Lift Brackets: Yes
    Door Locks: Yes
    Temperature Alarm: Yes
    Door Alarm: Yes
    Mounting Options: Pad 
    Battery Box: Included
    Accessories and Kits: See Order Guide